Take out credit despite debt: find suitable offers

An urgent purchase must be financed. Maybe it’s a new car. Or it is an irreparable repair to your home. Maybe you need a new kitchen equipment. More commentary at kencolyertrust.org

Obtaining loans for such uses is actually not a problem. But you already have liabilities.

Your house or your old car has not yet been paid off, the overdraft facility has been partially used and the credit card is on schedule. You may still have debts from your studies.

So you ask yourself: Do I get a loan despite these debts, and which bank is willing to lend?

Generally, a “loan despite credit” is not a real problem. The amount of existing debt taken on its own is not decisive for lending. A new loan can still be possible even with very high debts.

Rather, the interplay of four factors is important for the granting of a second loan: economic performance, determined score values, collateral and the desired loan amount.

Expressed differently:

The bank believes that score values ​​and economic performance must be sufficient to keep the credit default risk within the usual limits and to enable the repayment of the second loan in addition to the first loan.

Collateral can minimize the credit risk of banks and thereby make it possible to grant the desired loan or improve credit conditions.

Below we show you three ways how you can take out a cheap loan online despite pre-debts, and we will go into more detail about the requirements for granting and some special cases.

With the loan comparison for a cheap second loan

With the loan comparison for a cheap second loan

With the loan calculator, you can compare the offers of the best and best-known direct banks.

The use of the credit comparison is free and non-binding. It is entirely up to you whether you accept the loan offer. A credit contract is only concluded with your signature.

At it is enough to fill out an application form. then automatically compares the offers from your partner banks and selects the best loan.

A comparison is worthwhile even if your house bank has already rejected a second loan. A loan refusal in such cases does not have to indicate serious creditworthiness problems.

Some banks are simply over-cautious about additional loans or the lending guidelines generally do not provide for secondary loans.

Don’t forget to indicate the purpose. Dedicated loans are sometimes cheaper and easier to obtain, even if you already have debts.

A rapid processing of the application process is only possible if you provide complete information. Therefore, you should also state additional income and do not forget any liabilities and existing debts.

Credit despite debt from Lender bank

Credit despite debt from Lender bank

Lender bank is a leading credit broker with a wide range of loans. The high level of customer satisfaction should be emphasized, which is reflected in a large number of experience reports.

The credit intermediary offers its service without obligation and without any upfront costs.

Since Lender bank processes every single application manually and advises all customers individually on request, there is a good chance of getting another loan even with a current loan.

In addition to normal installment loans, which are not excluded even with slight credit features, the financial service provider offers the brokerage of special mortgage loans.

The prerequisite is ownership of a self-used property. The loan is secured with a land charge, but is not tied to a specific purpose. The borrower is completely free to use.

Debt restructuring measures or the settlement of old debts are possible.

Since the property provides excellent security for the bank, the Lender bank mortgage loan can improve a bank’s willingness to take out a second loan.

credit despite negative credit

credit despite credit

The leading platform for loans from private for private also helps people with difficult loan requirements.

This is made possible by a self-developed, sophisticated scoring system.

If the income situation is right, the path to a second loan through is not blocked.

An loan despite debt can be requested directly from the platform itself, or the offer can be compared with other loan offers.